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What is Red Shoes Wisdom?

What is Red Shoes Wisdom?

I love my red shoes. I love red. But Red Shoes Wisdom is about those moments when we reflect upon our achievements and even those little wins. We are present and in the moment.

We reflect on what we have learned, and the focus is positive, supportive and the experience of what we have learned gives us solace, insight, and gratitude. We gather wisdom and we enjoy sharing what we have learned with others. 

We, also include mistakes (actually, just more experiences), because all experience is about learning and we are not afraid to embrace the moments as they come.

I am empowered in my Red Shoes


Whatever color or shape of your shoes, enjoy the journey.



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I started this series, Red Shoes Wisdom, pre-COVID 19, so I had to put the high heels away and start walking. 

Red Shoes Wisdom #2.png

"Always take the time to acknowledge that who you are is a very valued person."




“In 2020, in the midst of our COVID pandemic, I knew I had to keep moving.”



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