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Who doesn’t have a story to tell about the circumstances and situations that happen to them in life? Back in time, I had dreamed of becoming an actress, a performer on stage. In a sense, becoming a coach, public speaker, presenting webinars and training programs is like being on stage. 

And I love it.

Within our stories are truths about how our dreams & goals manifest. Tripping down that happy road of destiny can be riddled with challenges, disappointments, and pivots. At 17 years old, I had expressed an interest in human behavior, why we behave the way we do.

I took the journey of the road less traveled.


How do we go after what we want in life when we

take the wrong turn and end up making choices and creating habits that make those choices harder to overcome when our mind thoughts hold us back.

My success in life, my gift to myself and you is one of

a sincere desire to help you override bad habits and mental blocks that will make your next goal, project,

or self-concept go from overwhelming to achievable.

Bottom line, as a clean and sober woman over 35 years now, fifty-eight pounds thinner, who is now physically active and healthy, into her seventies is living the life

of my dreams. I know a thing or two about how to go after desired wants (goals).

I know how to change behaviors (bad habits) and motivate and inspire others. As a public speaker, I believe in the power of mastery over our mind thoughts and enjoy telling stories that can help ignite the fire in you. 

If I can survive the perils of self-doubt, rebuild my self-concept, and accomplish what I have achieved thus far, so can you.

We must get clarity about what we want and decide what parts of our stories we should rewrite. Shifting through the excuses of why things are not working out the way we want them takes reflection, a shift in perspective, and a desire to do the work. I have been a life-long learner from the best in the fields of personal development, human behavior, neuroscience, and spiritual leadership.  I have been influenced and studied from the best and want to share with you what different strategies and modalities work.

We are not in control of people, places, and things, but we do have the power to change how we feel, shift our mind-thoughts, and practice presence.

I am here to serve you.   



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“Our ability to influence and impact employees and customers helps to sustain and build positive connections for successful business growth.”     --Janet Janssen

Manifest Change

Janet's chapter takes you inside a young child's impressionable mind. Through her personal stories, she illuminates how these shaped her destiny leading to self-acceptance and her amazing journey in helping others overcome their personal roadblocks.


Insightful, inspiring, informative and solution-oriented, Janet is one of seventeen authors who give you a path into manifesting change.


Janet's 5 key concepts to habit change are simple, easy, and practical, giving you ingenious insights into how you can create lasting change. 



Number of Pages: 297

Price: $20.00 + $3 shipping

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