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Power of Selling Through Influence & Impact

Reaching a Deal

"Explore the fundamentals of selling, the psychology and motivational aspects of how to sell your product or service, and follow proven methods in sales achievement."   


--Janet Janssen

Power of Selling through Influence & Impact



The Power of Selling starts the moment you step into a room.

Learn the principles to build positive influence and impact when you meet someone for the first time, set the stage to earn trust, and create a future “yes” when you get to the "Ask".


Capture attention that goes beyond features and benefits, uncover the power of listening and pacing to develop purposeful engagement. By practicing these principles and tools, you tap into your personal power to sell with authenticity and confidence without being too pushy or over-bearing.


You and your team will learn:


1. Three (3) POWER sentences to increase the value of your product or service.

2. The significance of PLAY to craft innovative solutions to attract more customers.

3. The PURPOSE of listening and pacing skills to increase trust between you and your prospects to gain      their attention and interest.

The Selling Cycle Training Sessions:


#1  Acquiring the Sales Mindset

#2  Product Knowledge & The Pitch

#3  Knowing Your Market

#4  Developing Your Comparative Analysis

#5  Designing the Selling Process

#6  Research, Data Collection

#7  1st Meeting and Subsequent Ones

#8  Presentation-Communication

#9  Demonstration

#10 Exploring Alternative Options

#11  Pricing

#12  Closing the Sales-The Value Proposition (What's in it for them?)


Example of mindset exercises for the team:

1. Get out of your way-how we see ourselves.   Exercise: Shout the wrong name
    Breaks the brains need to be right and come up with the solution right away. Retrain the brain.

2. Change how you see the situation - linguistic alternative. Instead of problem & solution, see the                situation as a challenge or threat, change to opportunity.

3. Give a gift-exchanging the imaginary gift, flexing our brain with imagination & simple fun. Becomes a        co-creation.

4.  Slow down and listen-sharpens listening skills and forces us to slow down. S-P-E-L-L-I-T
     Teaches us to pause, focus, listen.

5. Tell a story-2 useful structures:

    a. Problem  - Solution = Benefit
    b. What? So what? Now what?   Practice either one of these and spontaneous speaking becomes 


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