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6 Pillars of Impact Programs

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       POWER UP    |       POWER ON    |    POWER THROUGH

Each program is designed to empower you. Together, we explore what is working in your business and what is not. Each consulting phase leads you and your business toward reaching your goals by means of individual coaching, webinars, and master coaching programs. All programs will be customized to your needs.

Power Up Program

Understanding the 6 Pillars of Success

and how they impact your life in business


We explore and discuss the 6 pillars. This may also include:


  • Identify your strong pillars

  • Identify your weak pillars

  • Determine specific growth pillars to target and desired outcome(s)

  • Decide on specific elements to be implemented, discussing strategy

  • Determine what additional consulting support is needed for Phase II


We uncover the issues that are challenging your business productivity and profitability and explore steps you can take to fix them.  

Pre-questionnaire provided before the meeting.

Power On Program

Learning how to use the 6 pillars

to your advantage in life and business


This customized program dives deeper into the 6 pillars of success by helping you implement your plan for achieving your life and business goals.  We address your growth areas and help you utilize tried and true methods and systems to assist you to thrive in life and business.


Includes monthly one-on-one coaching session and addresses the customized needs of each of the following as applicable:


  • Review client’s vision of successful life in business

  • Create a plan (identify and prioritize life and business areas to address)

  • Assess value of each pillar in meeting your life and business needs

  • Determine and create the desired experience for your life in business

  • Provide additional resources specific to client’s needs

  • Address specific training and skill needs to achieve your goals


Power On - 3-month or 6-month programs

Creatives Discussing Project

Power Through Program

One-on-One Coaching, Webinars, and

Mastermind Sessions

The Power Through program is for those interested fast tracking their results. Power Through provides customized, ongoing coaching/consulting that includes informational webinars and mastermind sessions to increase your mastery of the 6 Pillars of Success.

Above all, learn how to maximize the 6 pillars and their essential elements to empower yourself with power, play, and purpose in life and business.

All training, webinars, and master classes will empower you and your mission to successfully live life in business.  In essence, to have it all.

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