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The Power of Leadership

Go Team


We explore the attributes of great leaders and their qualities. Uncover intrinsic strengths, motivational behaviors, and attitudes. We learn

how to influence others for creating and sustaining impactful relationships.

Develop Leaders 

Leadership through a 6-month training and coaching program

  • Two: monthly live, online program trainings 

  • One: 30-minute live coaching session each month, per attendee; optional

  • Email access

  • On-going support for 30 days following the training program.

  • This 12-week program is $5,995.00.

  • Some scholarships available.

Putting your leadership POWER into action:


#1  ACQUIRE the right mindset in the middle of day-to-day business chaos.


#2  ARTICULATE your communication skills.


#3  ACT to be congruent with your purpose, vision, and mission.


Take the Working with Purpose quiz.


#4  ATTENTION to focus for greater productivity and presence at work for you and with your team.


#5  ACCEPT the realities of gender bias, today’s cultural trends and tides in the business world, and your ability to navigate your career goals and ambitions.


#6  ADJUST your viewpoint. Learn the art of perspective by adapting to others' points of view to help problem solve situations.


#7  ACCENTUATE your words. Use positive words that help affirm and create powerful results with your teams or in meetings.


#8  ACKNOWLEDGE others through the art of listening and asking questions, improving team communication.


#9  ADEPT in learning how to create trust and likeability when communicating with others.


#10  AFFIRM the positive to create better team engagement.


#11  ADAPT new skills to manage time and priorities.


#12  ACTIVATE on-going action steps to propel your leadership goals.

Each 12-week session is designed to empower your leadership skills and improve team engagement for the purpose of increasing productivity and profitability. 

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