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Whether rappelling glaciers in Alaska, traversing the river rapids in the Grand Canyon, or challenging pivot tables in Excel, Janet knows how to fulfill a dream, accomplish a goal, and overcome the fear of failure. Her stories and common sense methodologies and trainings teach us how to turn our dreams and goals into reality.


Janet is a natural born leader who has spent her entire career in the sales industry.  Her cumulative experience with selling POS systems, directing non-profit programs, and high-tech
recruitment have given her a well-developed sense of all the nuances of sales and how to accelerate them.  She has been instrumental in boosting sales and productivity with media affiliates such as KBAY/Mix 106.5 San Jose and Comcast.  


Janet is a Distinguished Toastmaster,
SV Chamber Board Member, Women’s Networking Alliance Chapter President, National Speakers Association Academy member, and a contributing author for the book “Manifest Change.”


Janet offers one-on-one coaching and leads workshops, webinars, and teleconferences that help individuals and groups discover, uncover, and discard patterns of behavior that are roadblocks to their success. Using her unique, creative style, she helps clients stop wasting time, and live their best life now!

“The coach ’s role is not about helping clients to just achieve their goals, but rather about helping them with their future growth.”  -- J.C. Maxwell

Manifest Change

Janet's chapter takes you inside a young child's impressionable mind. Through her personal stories, she illuminates how these shaped her destiny leading to self-acceptance and her amazing journey in helping others overcome their personal roadblocks.


Insightful, inspiring, informative and solution-oriented, Janet is one of seventeen authors who give you a path into manifesting change.


Janet's 5 key concepts to habit change are simple, easy, and practical, giving you ingenious insights into how you can create lasting change. 



Number of Pages: 297

Price: $20.00 + $3 shipping

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