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Janet speaks powerfully to audiences as she teaches them importance of incorporating "Power, Play, Purpose" into every endeavor. 


It has long been a passion of Janet's to coach people to surmount their fear of failure and turn their dreams into reality.  As a Toastmasters trained speaker, TEDx Speaker Trainer, Life in Business Coach, and workshop leader, Janet imparts her expertise to her participants.  Whether it is helping them to identify and dismantle the barriers holding them back or coaching the to deliver an important speech or TEDx talk, her audience walks away with the tools to make a game out of life as they experience their personal power and step into their purpose.

Janet's Requested Presentations:

Janet-Janssen-Mindsets Speaking

Mindsets, Mindtraps, & Mindstates That Keep You Stuck


The 6-Pillar Advantage

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 9.49.34 PM_edi

How To Speak So People Will Listen

“Janet Janssen provided structure processes to improve our goals allowing for great focus. Janet is highly professional and leads with integrity and humor. She will remain in our tool box for future training needs”. 

--Jorah Roussopoulos, CEO

Mountain Feed and Farm Supply, Ben Lomond

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