Janet’s "Power, Play, Purpose" message is about leadership and personal power.


Without a sense of purpose, employees can lose focus, the team environment feels less motivated, and mutual respect and connection become lost. 


By correlating sound practical selling principles, purpose-driven fundamentals, and team building activities, you will be inspired to power up your business leaders and their teams.


Janet’s presentations are genuine, fun, & creative. Her stories and anecdotes deliver on how to create positive results in the sales culture of any organization, each presentation can be customized and personalized for you and your teams.

Janet's Requested Presentations:

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Selling Through

Influence & Impact

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Customer Service

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Team Engagement

for Leaders

“Janet Janssen demonstrated excellent abilities in helping to guide our core team into completing several projects. She provided valuable information & resources to help us develop and improve our customer service, culture core values, and employee training and development needs. She provided structure processes to improve our goals allowing for great focus. Janet is highly professional and leads with integrity and humor. She will remain in our tool box for future training needs”. 

--Jorah Roussopoulos, CEO

Mountain Feed and Farm Supply, Ben Lomond