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One Key to Success

I failed. To me, one of the keys to success is consistency, and did you notice, no February blog?

What happened?

I will spare you my long story, mostly excuses anyway, but what happened got me to thinking. 

What is the key to business success, in life? What is the key to having successful relationships, habit changes, learning new things or a new hobby? What does it take to become our best in any of life's endeavors? 

You may agree or not, that consistency is one of the keys, but consider: 

1. Be clear about what success means to you?

2. What plan do you have and are you working it?

3. How do you measure the value of your work and the overall outcome you desire? 

4. What do you tell yourself when you don't meet your standards? 

I could go on and on, but clearly, I was disappointed in myself, because there is no excuse big enough or story true enough to excuse missing February's blog. Would temporary insanity count? 

Kidding aside, in my next blog, I will tell you what I learned and how I forgave myself for my lack of consistency.

Be purposeful, determined and unwavering in going after your dreams and goals.

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