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4 Pillars of Success in 2022

Welcome to 2022 and all the possibilities ahead. Yes, possibilities.

As a goal achievement coach, sales consultant, and a bottom-line person like you, I strive to be my best and help others succeed. I have learned a few things about how we can turn our dreams and goals into successes.

It starts with alignment. When you wake up in the morning, what first thought pops into your head? Before your feet hit the ground, what intentions have you set for the day?

In fact, like many of you, I follow a great many thought leaders, coaches, from neuroscience to what is the best way to breathe. Yes, your breath.

So, let's get down to some basics to having a successful 2022.​

Can we all agree that the great inventions of humankind all started with a thought? Sometimes it took years of failure before these ideas turned into manifestation.

We now live in a world where quick fixes and 1-2-3 processes often rule our desires to succeed, and while sometimes this can work, the reality is results usually takes time, patience, persistence, and repetition.

I want to share something I recently learned from a mystic, Sadhguru, who wrote the book "Inner Engineering. His book and, even better, the 7-day course, which I highly recommend, talks about how we can get what we want. I call them the four pillars of success. I decided to practice these four pillars and believe I will have a fantastic, prosperous 2022.

I plan to align these Four Pillars of Success with striving for physical health, mindset health, emotional health, and energy. How can I fail at anything right if all four of these are aligned?

It sounds simple, but it may require deep diving into what matters to me and getting focused. We have 60-80 thousand thoughts each day, so being attentive is vital. Also, I heard there is no such thing as time management, only energy management. It makes sense, then, if my body-mind-emotions-energy are in-sync-I will be unstoppable in achieving my goals.

And, if I should miss the mark, my mindset will be so strong, having the ability to employ a healthy attitude to get me through the ups and downs of success.

​So then, before you put your feet on the floor when you wake up in the morning, I invite you to give yourself a big smile. Set your intention for the day. Help make everyone you connect with feel appreciated, respected and pass on a little joy to everyone.

If we can do this each day, our days will be unique, our weeks incredible, our months remarkable, and 2022, Our Best Year Ever! And the world, a much better place.

Regards my friends, Janet

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