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6 Simple Steps to Emotional Wellness in this crazy world of ours

Updated: Jun 20, 2020


What am I feeling?

Let's face it; the word 'unprecedented' has been repeated many times but is accurate. We are indeed living in a global experience that is unresolved at this time.

Everyone has an opinion. So many people postulate on what is right and what is wrong. These are confusing times, and yet, for us to stay grounded and healthy, we better get in control of our mind's thoughts. So here is my point.

Mind Thoughts Matter 

I am no longer-glued to watching television or media. These platforms have over-saturated us with data and information and often contradictory.

I dare not get political because the truth is that it is challenging to know the truth. I need a fact-finding app on my phone and PC to help me filter what I should believe or not. Or I could become a researcher and spend all day sifting through all the information I am hearing or reading. Who has the time? 

So I must return to what I know is right and what works for me if I want to be a responsible human being and keep on my side-of-the-street with my opinions and beliefs. Why? I want a well-balanced life not filled with excessive emotions and stress.

6 Simple Steps to Emotional Wellness

Here is a list of behaviors and practices I use, based on my research, experience, expertise, and beliefs for you to contemplate. 

  1. I am in control of my thoughts and feelings. YOU cannot force me to think and feel a certain way; I get to decide this. 

  2. My health is my responsibility. No one feeds me; I do this all by myself. I can also read, so selecting what foods will help support my health & immune systems is my job.

  3. Learning how to self-regulate my emotions; learning emotional intelligence takes discipline. Meditation, sharing my feelings in non-abusive ways to others, is key to my mental well-being. I haven't mastered this, but I practice and use other guides and resources to help me have spiritual-practices.

  4. I have regular physical exercise practices. It feels good to have body-balance, muscle strength, and I can boast of how many minutes I can do a plank. Ask me.

  5. Pulling weeds. Sound whacky? The point is simple. Immerse yourself into a project or activity that you love doing. I don't pull weeds all day, I have other hobbies as well, but something happens when I am focused and enjoy what I am doing.

  6. I share positivity and hope. I am not saying this is easy all the time, but I choose to go after what I want versus what I don't want.  

No matter what the world, the virus, or in my inner circle of life is doing, I must find ways to be grounded in spirit and health. I am not saying I am not into action to improve our planet or equal rights for all, but the power of the words we sprew matters. I am not living in a bubble, nor should we. We often lead with words first before the action occurs, so let's be mindful. 

What I practice helps my emotions from running-a-muck. I would love to hear what you are doing for your emotional well-being.

Be strong, be well, Janet

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