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Help! I am doing it again!

Who likes procrastinating? The feelings that come up for us when we procrastinate, I believe I can safely say, are not favorable. When we know we should and don’t conjures up guilt, shame, and an array of feelings from here I go again to being a loser. Granted, a work project unfulfilled will have its consequences and some perhaps unforgivable, but I am going to offer you a solution. Yes, right here right now. Ready?

At the point of procrastination, at the time you know you are procrastinating, remember this is your wisest moment of all. You know you are not ready to take action. Celebrate. What? Yes, celebrate that your unconscious is working its magic. Your inner knowing knows so don’t fight it, go with the flow.

Please follow along. At this point, acknowledge to yourself by saying, ‘Ok, some wise old soul is lurking about in my subconscious mind somewhere, so I will trust this’ and then neutralize the inner thoughts you have been telling yourself.

To prove my point, first, make a list of all the feelings associated with the ‘project’ you are procrastinating on. Let me help you. My last client said when she went down procrastination lane. “Sarah, you should have written up your campaign by now, completed your blog, have the email marketing campaign all written and ready to go in Constant Contact, the Opt-in page lined up. Instead, I am 2 weeks behind.” How did she feel about this? Guilty, a loser, failure, lazy. Harsh? Yup, this is a common way people talk to ourselves. And, I find that the more successful people are, the louder their negative inner voice is.

Instead of calling yourself a loser, lazy, whatever, turn this around. Neutralize. Tell yourself that there is a good reason for this. When you take a look at your life, at your work history, things have worked out. Generally, speaking, when you do do a project, it has always turned out well. The results of your work are good, and you manage successful outcomes. Amazingly, you are good at what you do, and those projects you have produced in the past have received compliments, perhaps even accolades. Recognize that you in the big picture of life; things do work out. You are respected, liked, and produce quality work.

You should start feeling better.  The act of neutralizing our feelings is vital. Instead of calling yourself names, recognize that this pattern of name-calling, verbal abuse leads to more negative emotions. You cannot do a 180-degree turn in any act of momentum. Racing a car, cooking an egg, or repairing a negative conversation into a positive one, you must first slow down the gas pedal, the flame, the words. You cannot stop a process without not slowing it down. It would help if you recalibrated to turn the momentum around.

At this point, notice how you feel about that project you have been procrastinating on. Your energy, desire will shift, and too, you may decide not to do the project at all. But whatever direction you go, know this. Procrastination is about attempting a project or process you are not ready to do. Stop fighting. Surrender first. Notice what feelings come up and then neutralize them. Now check-in.

Want to learn more about how your limiting beliefs stop you from selling more, completing your projects, and create more productivity in your life-business? Janet Janssen is a sales coach and public speaker. She would love to hear from you., 831-335-0553. 

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