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Peeling Eggs with a Dash of Life Wisdom

Boiling eggs—ever tried peeling one without a shell mishap? It's like a secret mission in the kitchen. My personal hack? Right after boiling, I dash to the sink and drench them in cold water, maybe toss in some ice. Rinse, repeat, and presto! Well, not always. I've had my fair share of eggshell battles. Sometimes, it's the eggs' fault, or so I claim, blaming them for not being old or organic enough.

I even turned to ChatGPT, YouTube, and my wisest pals for answers, but let's focus on the bigger picture today. We'll save egg-peeling tips for later.

So, here's the scoop: Life is a lot like peeling a boiled egg.

Picture me at the sink, peeling an egg, wondering if I'd dodged the shell splinters this time. But that wasn't the big deal. I was smack in the middle of Amy Porterfield's Course Confident workshop, and it hit me like an eggshell revelation. Life is all about the questions we ask ourselves and the "thinking time" we give to our choices.

As I peeled that egg, I pondered the parallels between egg-shelling and tackling life and business challenges.

To be completely honest, I'd never really bothered to master the art of egg-peeling before today. Such a simple task, right? But being honest with yourself goes deeper. It's about examining how you judge and perceive your choices and actions. Self-honesty can be a bit tricky. When your teeth crunch into an unexpected shard of eggshell, it might not ruin your meal, but it leaves a mark.

So, here's the big takeaway

How I approach life and business situations is closely linked to my choices and future outcomes. Sometimes, I get lucky, and things flow smoothly. The same goes for business. But as a life and business coach, I'm all about those outcomes.

I help others determine how to achieve their goals, maintain work-life balance, and pay attention to what truly matters. We have around 80,000 thoughts bouncing around in our heads daily—have you ever thought about that?

How do you approach the daily grind, the challenges, and the rituals? Are you aware of the thoughts that steer your actions?

While peeling that egg today, I realized I had other routines in my life that could use a shake-up. What could I change to see different results? If you're content with your outcomes, fantastic! Keep doing what works.

But if you crave more, dare to be different. Ask yourself more questions. Wonder why you're stuck in a loop of identical outcomes when you desire something new.

Being honest with myself during this simple egg-peeling task taught me that I should try something different if I don't like the results. We're creatures of habit, and habits deliver the same old results.

Next time you tackle any task, take a moment to pause, reflect, and then take action. Be mindful.

And, as promised, here's the quick "How to Peel an Egg Easily" guide:

  1. Use older eggs (forget the fresh ones).

  2. Boil them just right.

  3. Crack them gently.

  4. Peel them underwater, after an ice bath.

  5. Be gentle and patient.

  6. Consider using a spoon.

I was close, but I learned that a few minor tweaks and some foresight could improve my approach. Regards, Janet

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