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The +HeartMath Experience

The Press Banner, Janet Janssen, April 2020

We are living in a time of uncertainty because of the current global health concern. We have embraced social-distancing, but there is a price we are paying, not just economically but emotionally. Uncertainty is stressful. So, I want to share with you “a special gift to assist with balance and emotional poise during these challenging times.”

While I am a believer in the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, I have had my moments of freaking-out, albeit mild with the current situation. This feeling led me to rediscover our local business in Boulder Creek, HeartMath Institute. I am thrilled to share with you what learned through a follow-up phone call.

The Discovery

As an avid YouTuber, I encountered the highly acclaimed HeartMath Institute through some of my business affiliations. I quickly discovered the HeartMath Experience. Their work and influence are vast. They are even working with such well-known hospitals as Kaiser Permanente, Mayo Clinic, and Baptist Health with a current focus on health care workers during this COVID-19 concern. (

The Heart-Brain Connection

In the HeartMath Experience, each video takes you through an educational journey and experiential process to help you take charge of your feelings. HeartMath gives the gift of being able to feel more grounded, focused, and less stressed. It is a gift, founded on evidence-based research, that you can give yourself any time.

I spoke with Deborah Rozman, CEO and co-founder of HeartMath Inc., after I had experienced their online HeartMath Experience programs. Deborah shared that their 90-minute HeartMath Experience helps to regulate our emotions, reduce fear, and create mindfulness through our heart and brain connection. Their work is about how inner wisdom and intuition, and their research proves this. My Experience was calming, enriching, and informative so I can certainly validate those claims. I am full of gratitude for the in-depth work they are providing our community to learn about their social and global coherence work. In fact, HeartMath would like to invite you to enjoy this experience for free, as a special gift to you through the end of May. You can access it at

HeartMath for Children

While their free HeartMath Support Center program has been instrumental in delivering the kind of emotional support needed due to the heavy stresses the health workers have had to endure, their HeartSmarts Adventure Program for children is inspiring and just as necessary. HeartMath has given away over 100,000 HeartSmarts Adventures to teach children their own life-affirming habits and skills.

We are living in a time of uncertainly, but like HeartMath, our community has stepped up. I cannot thank everyone enough for keeping the life-blood of our community open. On behalf of myself, the Press Banner, and my circle of friends, family, and business colleagues, thank you for your hard work, dedication, and free service and programs that you bring to our Valleys.

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