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The Power of Us!

POWER PLAY PURPOSE, words I write about and speak to in my work.

What do I mean?

Today, how can these words be relatable to our current life in our Corvid-19 world?

Tapping into your POWER is vital.

The values we live by lead our decisions and choices. How we lead our family activities and actions to meal planning are value choices. Our delegation, communication styles, and behaviors in business demonstrates our values too and our use of power.

Our power follows us in every action we do. 

How are you doing? But, let's not get hung up on power alone. PLAY is in the middle between the words Power and Purpose because we need balance.

Play does this. Self-distancing is vital in literally distancing the spread of this violent disease and how it is impacting our mindset, but we can still find ways to play. We need to give our brain and heart a break. As social living creatures, we need laughter, play, fun. Find it, seek it, enjoy it. Go. We will lose our PURPOSE otherwise.

Who am I becoming amid this pandemic situation? What was my purpose in life, business before this virus mess expanded? Am I clear about who I am, my work, and my purpose in life now? Whom do I want to become when all of this is over? These are questions I have asked of myself and asking you to consider.

We have the POWER over our self-care, attitude, and actions. We can find ways to fill our hearts and souls with love and compassion and still PLAY.

I am determined to continue my work in helping others gain more clarity about their self-concept. We are all selling something, so understanding ourselves creates better salespeople, managers, and leaders.

Growth in our lives or businesses works through how we communicate and how we influence and impact one another. Lead with integrity first, no matter what you are selling, is what I believe works best.

I hope you will tap into your power and lead, support, and help others to become their best. Do play more to help stimulate your levels of creativity and innovation. We know, happy people live longer.

And finally, make your purpose in life feed your spirit and that of others too. Go after your dreams: Dream them, plant them, and grow them!

I wish you well. And let me know how you are doing. Janet

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